Learn the Arabic Language Easily- Tips

Learn Arabic Language

The Arabic language has some special features we can see it when we compared to other languages. Arabic writes from right to left. So most of the people are thinking Arabic is really hard to learn. But if you start learning the Arabic language, it quite simple one. You can easy to learn the Arabic language if you choose a good way for learn Arabic Language. The Arabic language has 28 letters and it has only 5 basic shapes.


For learning something, we first choose google. And google gives the best result as we want. As the same way just explore on Google, You can see several tips for learning the Arabic language. But only choose what is comfortable for you. And, today we use mobile application for our daily needs. If you search on Google Play Store lots of mobile applications are available for a different kind of use. If you search a learning app for Learn Arabic language on Google Play Store, you can see some apps there. Today here, I’m suggesting a good application for both Android and iOS users for learning the Arabic language as simple as possible.

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Learn Arabic Language  using Arabic by Nemo


The Arabic by Nemo is an iOS application is available only in App Store. It is a Free app and you can simply download it from App Store of iOS. Arabic by Nemo contains essential words and phrases of the Arabic language, each with native speaker audio. The app allows users to download the video’s and even user can use it in offline mode. If you are a fresher in the Arabic language? you don’t worry about that. The Arabic by Nemo does not require any prior knowledge of using the App. Nemo is acted as a personal trainer. And it can track your progress in every single word or phrase. If you visit an Arab country for some days and you need some essential Arabic words for surviving. Use the Nemo, here they include the common words used for directions, Travel, Hotel, and food menu’s etc. Just take some time for study, the app gives you a complete learning experience of the Arabic language.

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Learn Arabic Language  using Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360


The Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360 is an Android app. The app developed by Spoken BigKnol. It is really useful for Keralites/ Malayalis. Because the app takes an efforts to introduce the people who speak the Malayalam language. They using Arabic alphabets, words, and sentences in such an order and purpose of those in the most common situations of daily life. So the app is helpful for speak Arabic in daily life. If you visit in the Arabic nation, the Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360 is really helpful in the situation. Here they include Arabic audio and Malayalam phrases so Malayalam speakers can learn Arabic language easily by Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360


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