2017 Latest and useful apps on Playstore

Latest and useful apps on PlaystoreThere are an unlimited amount of apps in Play store which have so many usages and users are confused about what or which should they install on their device. There are so many cases of people installing apps which are not trustworthy and can lead devices into unwanted ads and viruses. Playstore being the best app store in the world there are so many varieties of apps with so many usages. Here are some of the latest apps which may help you guys in different needs. 2017 Latest apps in android

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  1. Google Drive Suite: As we all know google drive is the best app which provides the user with cloud storage space. The app will provide the user with 15GB storage space which can be accessed by google accounts. Google is ready to provide more space if the user demands which is playable. This app will be restored in every android devices with other google apps. These apps are attached with this app to store data if the user requires. The app uploads and download files very quickly such even Microsoft office files.
  2. Google Maps: the best navigator of all time which is used by most of the user. Even if there are so many navigation apps are available users always depend on Google Maps. The app is amazing with quick response and the presentation of the app is beautiful. The app gets updated frequently. The app will show the location of the Gas station, ATM’s, Banks etc.
  3. Google Assistant and Google Now: these apps are similar in their work and best in their category. These apps are designed to help the users live their life very easy and they does their job very well. Google now will assist you with voice response like Siri and Cortana. The Google Assistant was designed for google device when it was introduced but later they found their place in other devices also. This app will help the user to find anything on the web or open any app and perform any task.
  4. Google Play music and Youtube: the app which plays music on both online and offline that is the main advantages of Play music. The app also allows users to upload your favorite tracks online for free. Google play subscribers are provided with a Youtube red app which is will cost you $9.99 per month for avoiding ads from your device. The app also provides with background playback and lots of other features. Users can buy this app as a combo of $14.99 for the six-member family.
  5. LastPass Password manager: this app has its place in the category of must-have apps. The app is very useful in this time of hacking and other security issues that are faced by the users in these times. Hackers have the capability of hack your real-time camera and break your category. The only way to prevent these is to prevent installing apps from unknown sources. Coming to the LastPass Password manager it will help you to keep safe your online accounts. The app is capable of generating passwords that could not be accessed by hackers. This is because users are not aware of this password and app itself controls every account with the master password which is entered by the user. These security does not come free, even if there are other apps are available in the store this app does more job than any of them. The premium version of this app is very cheap you will get one-year long service at the rate of $12 which is value for money.
  6. Pocket: as the name implies the app will work as a pocket which children keeps their candy for later. This is a free app which allows the user to save the contents or any other kind of things for later. The app will be compatible with facebook, google+, twitter or any news app that are in the market. In the case of user wants to save these text content they can save it in this app.
  7. Pocket casts: users are fond of live streaming video series or audio series. The best app in this category is Pocket casts because of the presentation and performance of the app. The app will help the user to download streaming videos without any lag and breaking. The app will allow to catch up with both audio and video podcasting so that the app makes sure that user won’t misses anything. It will cost you 99/- which is of course value for money.
  8. Blue mail: it is one of the best apps that is available now in the market. the main advantages of this app are that it allows the user to keep his private emails safe and Android wear support and so on. The app is free and has a very good rating on Play store which is why it is one of the best in the store.
  9. Nova launcher: there are people who are not satisfied with the view of their OS. This app will be a big relief for those people because this app will make the look of you android system more beautiful and more efficient and more customised. The app will bring you the features of the latest version of Android regardless what model you are using. The app will make your device looks like pixels which have the latest versions Nougat. The app provides features such as backup and restoring home screen setups. The app is free on play store.
  10. SwiftKey keyboard: it is app brings out customised keyboards on your device. The app is absolutely free and will be a very good option for those who looks for view customization. The feature like a predictive engine which is far more better than other keyboards in service. The keyboard will have a dedicated number row which is an amazing feature for some users including me. Like these features, the app brings out features that are not seen on other keyboard apps.
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These apps will be useful to you guys in many ways and they are best at what they do.

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