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App for converting voice to text: Android is a very user-friendly platform. In comparison, anyone can operate Android devices without difficulty. Users will find this platform more convenient due to user-friendly apps. Today, I’m going to show you a good Voice to Text converting app. As a result, typing all of the contents takes less effort. Simply speak the content, and the software will detect it and convert it to a text format that you can utilise. Live Transcribe is the name of the app. This app is now available on the Google Play Store. Let’s learn more about the Live Transcribe App.


Live Transcribe

Google owns the Live Transcribe application. This fantastic software was created by the Google Research team and is now accessible on the Google Play Store. The app may be found in the communication category of the Google Play Store. This is an accessibility app designed primarily for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. The Live Transcribe software uses Google’s state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology to convert speech and sound into text on your screen in real time. This software has been downloaded by over 10 million Android users from the Google Play Store.


Live Transcribe App Features listed below

  • Real-time transcription is available.
  • The app supports transcription in over 80 languages and dialects.
  • Live Transcribe will save a transcript up to 3 days
  • It supports external microphones found in wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets, and USB mics. So you can use these kinds of devices for better audio reception.
  • There is no need to reply invoice. You can also reply without speaking. Just type your response within the app.

The latest version of the app is 4.7.406112910 and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Live Transcribe software is extremely useful for persons who are unable to write or who are slow at typing. Every voice is converted to a written format. The fact that we can’t save the transformed text as a file or print it is a disadvantage of this application. The content is stored in the app for three days. And this is worthless in a room where several conversations are happening simultaneously. However, for a single person, this is one of the best applications with the capabilities that it provides.


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