Use App Pause It to pause internet connection only for WhatsApp

Use App Pause It to pause internet connection only for WhatsApp

We are using several apps on our Android device. Messenger apps, Game apps, Banking apps, and lot more applications. WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app and we use it. Sometimes it may be disturbing. While playing an online game, or watching a movie on YouTube, Or searching with an important query on Google the WhatsApp messages seem to be a disturbance. And another face is when we are engaged with any other app rather than WhatsApp and the network connection is on, the WhatsApp showing our status as Online. Many time you may answer with this question, ‘ You are online in WhatsApp and still not reading my messages Why? ‘. This is really a terrible situation, our friends always believe WhatsApp and they think you ignoring their messages. Guys, are you facing this issue? here I’m sharing a tip for you. This is an Android App Pause it. App Pause it helps you to turn off your internet connection only for WhatsApp and you can still be using other applications as online. You can watch videos on YouTube, no WhatsApp messages disturbing you. Let’s see more about App Pause it and how to use it.

Pause it

The Android App Pause it is available on the Google Play Store under the social category of apps with good user reviews.  App size is 16 MB, last updated on October 7, 2018. The current version of App Pause it is 1.6 and it supports only the Android devices having Android version 4.0.3 and above versions. Pause it App content rated age 12+. The app enables you to pause your network connection only for WhatsApp and all the other apps work fine with the internet connection. After installing Pause it app on your device and complete all its settings, you can watch anything on Youtube, Play your favorite game WhatsApp messages will not disturb you. And WhatsApp not shows that you are online.

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When WhatsApp working on the background, it will show as you are online and all messages, WhatsApp notifications arrive. If you have not removed WhatsApp from background running apps, the pause it app not working properly. The App developers advice that ” users should remove the WhatsApp app from background running apps. And then activate “Pause it”. Also, make sure WhatsApp is not running in the background when you activate the app and it works.”. You can set the hours to deactivate network connection for WhatsApp, enable meeting mode etc. It is a free application, over 100 thousands of people installed this app on their devices. It has an average rating of 4.1. App has a good user interface as well. After using this app, just give your valuable feedback.

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