How to Apply for e-pass

How to Apply for e-pass: We know that coronavirus spreading all around the world. And most of the countries are under lockdown. Now, India is in the fourth stage of lockdown. The Government currently gives some relaxation in lockdown. During this period COVID 19 cases are increasing rapidly. People trying to move to their states. If a person wants to move to his state, he/she should apply for an e-pass provided by the government. Currently, the Government of India opened a website for this purpose – e-Pass for Movement During Lockdown. Let’s know how to apply for e-pass via Government’s new e-pass website.


How to Apply for e-pass via e-Pass for Movement During Lockdown website

The Government of India’s new website for e-pass developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), it currently provides e-Pass services for 17 states over India. Currently, 3,474,675 applications are received through this website ,1,232,005 e-passes issued, 1,039,182 applications are under process, And 1,203,488 applications rejected. People can use this website to apply for e-pass and also they can track their application status.

As per the guidelines given on the website, the e-Pass can only be applied for certain categories of travel. It includes students, essential service providers, tourists, pilgrims, emergency/medical travel, and for marriage purposes. The website is available in different languages to include English, Hindi, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam.

The guidelines are shown on the website for applying e-pass

  1. Any individual/group can apply for the movement pass using this framework.
  2. Fill in all the mandatory details carefully and submit.
  3. Keep the scanned copy of the requisite documents before applying.
  4. Please use an active mobile number to receive verification OTP.
  5. After the successful submission of your application, an application reference number will get generated. Please note it to track the application status.
  6. The movement e-pass will contain your name, address, validity, and a QR code.
  7. Keep a soft/hard copy of the e-pass while traveling and show it to the security personnel if asked.

The steps to apply for e-pass

  • Then choose your state by clicking on ‘Select State to Apply e-Pass’ select box.
  • In the next step, a list of services will appear offered by the particular state. Just click on the type of pass you want to apply. In the case of Kerala, There are two options available.
    • Issuance of COVID-19 ePass to travel to Kerala from other states
    • Issuance of COVID-19 ePass to travel to other states from Kerala and inside Kerala.
  • Then it will redirect to the state e-pass portal.
  • Here, fill all the necessary details, and upload the documents.
  • In the case of Kerala, enter your mobile number and NORKA registration number. and verify it.
  • If you forget your NORKA registration number, you can get this through the Forgot NORKA number option.


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