How to apply for Income Certificate online in Kerala

How to apply for Income Certificate online in Kerala: Some years ago, we are depending on our village office to get our income certificate directly. It was a time taking process. But now, everything is changed. No need to stand in queues. Today we can apply for the income certificate online with less effort. If you need your income certificate and you are unaware of how to submit application for income certificate online. This article will help you to apply for an income certificate online in Kerala.

Before you submitting your application for an Income Certificate,you should have some required documents in the same manner as we would to the village office. The following documents are required: Aadhaar card, ration card,  land tax receipt, and affidavit is a handwritten form to prove your income.

Follow the below Steps to Apply for Income Certificate online

Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to the e-district websiteOn the portal, click New Portal User Creation.
Step 2: Fill out the form correctly with your information. If a login exists, it will be displayed there, otherwise it will be displayed as Not Existing. Enter your password in this. To recover the password, answer the question. Click the I agree button to the right. Then press the validate button.
Step 3: Once you’ve seen Aadhaar Verify, click the OK button. Then, by clicking the Register button, you will be sent an OTP to the mobile number you provided. Enter it as you type it.
Step 4: Select Login. then use the newly created user ID and password to log in.
Step 5: Select applicant registration from the drop-down menu under One-Time Registration. The information should be in the applicant’s name. Fill in the blanks with the correct information. Select the duplicate check button.
Step 6: Click the OK button if you see verified. After clicking the submit button, you should now see a registration number message. An account in Phone has been created.
Step 7: Click On to apply for a Certificate of Income. You can now see the name that is currently registered. Choose the certificate and give it a name here. Then enter your income information. Examine the property details to determine which district the property is in.
Step 8: Send in your application. Then, ensure that the documents mentioned above are less than 100 KB in size and upload. Resize the files if necessary.
Step 9: The final step is to make a payment. You can see the payment options here, including RUPAY CARD, which allows you to make a quick payment.

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