Best Parental Control App Google Family Link

Best Parental Control App Google Family Link

Parents are always worried about their kids. Every parent loves their children and love creates lots of worries in parents hearts. Maybe this is the reason Google like a tech giant developed this a best parental control app to cure all the worries of parents. The smartphone is a very useful gadget, no doubt. We can do so many things using smartphones. For online payments, get in touch with friends on social media, with smartphone we can access unlimited entertainment contents and lot more. At the same time, lots of people are misuse smartphones. In the case of children, they may not have good knowledge to handle smartphones. So there are lots of chances to misuse smartphone, or some others may misbehave with children on messengers. These similar issues are reporting and this kind of issues really affects kids life badly. If parents have control over kids smartphone, they can cure utmost issues. Google providing Google Family Link, that helps parents to gain a control over their kid’s smartphones. Let’s know more about this application.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is the best app that helps parents to clear all of their worries about their kids. In this generation, many of the parents are engaged with their work. They do not have enough time to spend with their children, care for the kids, share their love with kids. So most of the parents are feels very badly, so they gifted anything to their kids that they are asking. Most of the kids are interested in smartphones. Lots of factors that are attracting kids like gaming, social media, watching videos etc. But there are many chances to affect the smartphones very badly in the kid’s life and their mind. Google Family LInk For Parents app enables parents to set some digital ground rules to help and guide their kids to play, learn and explore online.

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Google Family Link for parents

Google Family Link for children & teens

Why Google Family Link is the best parental control app? because it has enough features that help parents to control their kid’s phone usage and related things. This application applies to control over the kids or teens (For kids under the age of 13 or the applicable age of consent in your country). There are two apps are available, one for parent and another one for your kids. If you are a parent, first install the app on your device and set up with your Google account. Then create a Google account for your kids like your own account, and get the access to most Google services.

With this application, parents can track the usage of apps installed on kids device, view their activity, Manage their apps, parents can even control the usage of Social media apps, or Block some apps for study time etc. If they try to download and install any particular application from Google Play Store, parents can block its installation also. This app tools may be varying with your child’s device. You can get the list of compatible devices at

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