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How to Share Large Files on WhatsApp

share large files

How to Share Large Files on WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a commonly used messenger application in this world. We can send text messages, images, voice messages, videos, stickers, and more through WhatsApp. But it’s difficult to send large files on WhatsApp. To overcome this difficulty there are so many supporting applications are available in Google Play […]

Best Sources to Learn English Online

learn english online

Learn English Online: English, the easiest and comfortable language to learn. But we think it’s not possible to learn English easily. It is one of the most dominating languages of the world, is having its impact on almost every field of work. English is the best language to introduce ourselves to the world. For official […]

Turn Off Internet Connection For WhatsApp Only

turn off whatsapp

Turn Off Internet Connection For WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform. Many people using WhatsApp for communicating with friends and family. Also, we using WhatsApp for official purposes. We can’t stay always on WhatsApp, we have lots of duties in our life. We are using our personal smartphone for entertainment, to do works, […]