Learn how to Change Google Chrome Language

Learn how to Change Chrome Language

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. Earlier, we are discussed clearing cache on Google Chrome. Today, here I’m sharing you yet another feature of Google Chrome. That is, we can change Chrome language to our native language. The default language of Google Chrome is English, if your native language is Arabic or Malayalam or any other language, you can simply change English to your Native language. Google supporting more than 120 languages, so you can choose your preferred language on Google Chrome settings. Here, I describe how to change Google Chrome language in Android smartphones and Windows PC’s.

How to change Chrome language in Android smartphones and Windows PC’s

Change Language In Google Chrome for Windows.

The following steps will describe how to change Chrome language in Windows PC.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser, tap on the menu icon placed on the top right corner.
  • Then move to settings page by clicking on the settings option from the list of options shown under the menu.
  • In its settings page, you can see a search bar at the top. Type ” language ” on the search field.
  • Then you can see the language settings.
  • Click on the Add language option.
  • Then select the language from the list of language (Multiple selections allowed).
  • You can see the ” ADD ” icon under the language list. Just click on the icon to add that language to your language list.
  • Then you can set it as your chrome browser default language by moving to the top.
  • Or otherwise, you can translate the pages to this language.
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Lots of people preferring Android Smartphone as their personal handset. If you are using an Android device, the below steps shows how to change your Google Chrome browser language easily.

  • First, open the Google Chrome app on your device. You can see the menu icon on the top right corner of the app. Just tap on it.
  • Then, you can see a list of option under the menu include settings menu.(The menu options may vary with app version, if you does not see the settings menu at first time, just tap to scroll it).
  • Just tap on the Settings menu, then it will navigate you to Google Chrome app settings page.
  • Tap to scroll down, you can see the Language menu in settings. Just tap on it.
  • Then it will display the currently saved languages there and also you can add more languages using Add language option.
  • Under the saved languages, you can see an option ” + Add Language “.
  • Just tap on the ” + Add Language “, and tap on a language to choose it from the list of languages.
  • Then the language will be added to your chrome browser language list.
  • The newly added language will appear at the bottom of the saved languages list, if you want to make it as Google Chrome default language, just tap to move it to the top.
  • Also, it has the option to translate the page to this language.
  • If you want to remove a language, just tap on the menu bar on the right side of that particular language and tap on remove.
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