Google’s Newly Launched Cybersecurity Tool “Intra” Now Available On Playstore!

Google’s Newly Launched Cyber security Tool “Intra” Now Available On Playstore!

The term “Internet” is now so popular that we can’t think of a day without it. From sending a good morning wish to the dear and near ones, searching for the nearest coffee hangout place in Google has become one of our daily habit now. As the term Internet is trending, the cyber security threats from its usage are also high. One of such threat is Domain Name System (DNS) manipulation. Worry not, Google’s Cybersecurity Unit Jigsaw has found a remedy to it, the new cyber security tool “Intra” is here for the rescue!

What is DNS: 

DNS (Domain Name System) is actually the phone of the internet. It is from this phonebook users can access online datas with the help of domain names. The main function of DNS is to translate domain names into IP addresses and make it easier for the browsers to load the right internet resources.

What is DNS manipulation:

When a user’s access to the news sites, social media platforms and messaging apps are blocked, then that user is subjected to DNS manipulation attack.

What you need to do:

Visit your play store app, search for the newly rolled out tool from Google “Intra” and click Install!

What Makes “Intra” A Better Cybersecurity Tool?

The app “Intra” is mainly designed to protect the users from DNS attacks. It can also protect the user from other malware attacks and phishing. It is an open source app, therefore its makers claims that the user data would be kept safe! “Intra” also features no limit on data usage, so the internet connection is not slowed down by the app.

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Try this app today and do share your views about this newly launched cyber security tool “Intra” by Google in our comments!

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