Ente Ration Card By Civil Supplies Department

Food is the basic needs of a life. We can’t survive without food. We know that our country India is a developing country, not a developed country. In the case of technology, space research, and more parts we are achieving high recognition. At the same time just look at the rural areas, lots of people are trying hard to live, they are really hard to gain some foods to survive. In India, the Government trying to provide the peoples to the essential needs of their living. But sometimes, the things do not get to the right peoples at right time. This is the main issue why India still in the developing stage. Kerala, recognized as number one state in India as per its efficiency. In Kerala, the Department of Civil Supplies functions under the Department of Food, And the department has the responsibilities of Public Distribution, enforcement of markets discipline and promotion of consumer awareness and protection of their interest. Recently, the Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala introducing an app named Ente Ration Card. Let’s know more about this application.


Ente Ration Card

We know that recently some changes have been made by the Civil Supplies Department. And it affects the whole people living in Kerala. They replace the traditional system with a more consumer-friendly system. Now, the consumers get notified all the important things like the monthly quota, and other details. As a part of it, Civil Supplies department providing a user-friendly mobile app that is Ente Ration Card. It is an Android application, an initiative of Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala. The app developed by NIC eGov Mobile Apps.  Currently it available on Google Play Store under Tools category of apps. Ente Ration Card brings the details of members in a Ration Card, Application Status and monthly quota etc.


Below mentioned the features of Ente Ration Card App

  • Consumers/ App users View full Ration card details including card type, monthly allocation, and Application Status
  • Uses will get the details of all members of the Ration Card, description and other relevant details
  • It provides secure access to information on demand
  • App provides the Information to the General public. And the enrolled users can view the complete details of their Ration Card.

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