Facebook Security Tips From the Techie guy Hemanth Joseph to Help You

Facebook Security Tips From the Techie guy Hemanth Joseph to Help You: We all know it is easy to leak out your data from social medias such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. There are so many hackers are waiting for you there for you to make a mistake so that they can enter into your privacy and make you suffer. Here I share 5 Facebook Security Tips that suggested by a Techie Guy, his name is Hemanth Joseph. These Facebook Security Tips will Help you to secure your Facebook account.  The first thing is that the data which once gets upload into the web will stay there hidden even after you delete it. Recovery software is available on the internet, and it is not a tough job for a hacker to retrieve the data from your memory. The controversial image which came out about Mark Zuckerberg who took a snap of his laptop which showed the front camera is closed with a tape. This pic shows the exact thing which was wont be aware of the things happening in our digital life. If you don’t stay alerted there will be a devil eye upon you to drag you to the darkness.


About Hemanth Joseph: He is a tech expert who made his marks by finding the loop poles that can let a hacker to enter into an account. Apple IOS, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft are the main companies who understood the talent of this mastermind. Recently Hemanth posted some techniques on his Facebook page to avoid getting hacked in Facebook, and it will be helpful to know what is being happened on the other side of your mobile screen.

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There are five tips from Hemanth to help you

Facebook security vulnerability: These types of vulnerabilities are seen on the Facebook pages which give a minor chance to get hacked and due to the scenarios that had been happened before Facebook checks the pages to avoid this kind of vulnerabilities. Facebook does big effort to check that no mistakes come from their side.

Malicious Facebook application: this will be happening only due to your mistakes. There are people who complaints about the situations like their page are being modified by someone else. What is the reason for that you may say that it’s because somebody is hacking your account?. The one and only responsible person for this is yourself. There are so many apps which you gives permission which will be accessing your account and another kind of permissions which helps these apps to post whatever that app. Keep this in mind that there are so many malicious apps on Facebook that could lead you into trouble. If you are using this kind of apps, then you should take out the permission after these apps being closed.

Facebook Phishing pages: This kind of pages are developed by hackers which will look exactly like a Facebook page. This page will ask you to log in with your facebook id and password which will be loaded into the hacker’s server which this kind of page is being hosted which in turn will help the hacker to get your data without any effort.
Keep it in mind to avoid providing your details outside Facebook; then you will be walking into a big hole.

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Keyloggers and spyware: this type of hacking is common in hacking. The keyloggers will recognize the keys which you will be pressing when you are logging in and will send this information to the hacker. Antiviruses are the only way to avoid this kind of malicious software, and in case you are login through an internet cafe, it will be better to use a virtual keyboard.

Use a strong and long password: Strong and long password which you and you only able to remember. Avoid passing information about your password and other details to your friends and others.
Free wifi’s can also be a trap so beware.
Keep these things in your mind and protect your privacy yourself.

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