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Director Siddique had released his new film Fukri which got the attention of the viewers quickly. Jayasurya being people’s favorite actor with his capability and hard work he put into his works. Jayasurya’s film will be a mixture of comedy and entertainment, and with this mixture, his film makes viewers watch full movie without getting bored.
Siddique brought this entertainment into Fukri which made this film which made viewers to glued to the seats. The word they used for this film is the complicated comedy which brings viewers a colorful experience.

The story of the movie lies with the central character which is played by Jayasurya. Lucky who is the hero of this movie is a college dropout who is enjoying his life with his friends and entertainment. As usual, he sees a girl and fell in love with her and he tries to make her love him. As a part of this, he changes his looks to make her believe that he also belong to her caste. The name of the lady character is Nafsi and the second getup of Jayasurya is Looman Ali Fukri. Jayasurya did an amazing job on these both character which can be seen in the film. The story improves as he visits her family and the things happening there will move the story on track. The story improves through complicated incidents and stories.


Actor Siddique also did his part as Usman Ali Fukri which is an amazing character. Jayasurya managed to make viewers entertained and in time he also did his emotional part beautifully too. Prayaga martin and Anu Sithara played the roles of beautiful heroines. Prayaga martin did an amazing job and kept her fame which she got from her films. Overall Fukri is a wonderful movie which is because of Joju Jose, Lal, Janardhanan, KPAC Lalitha, Bhagat Manuel, Krishnaprabha etc who are the other actor in this film.

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The cameraman Vijay Ulakahanath did his job and it can be seen from the scenes of these film. The colorful scenes go it is music from Viswajith and Dr.Sudeep. Jayasurya’s wife Saritha Jayasurya made the characters colorful with the help of Praveen Varma.

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