How to make GIF Image work on WhatsApp

2016 was over, and we are at 2017 now, but there were so many changes that have happened to the world of technologies.  We take selfies or groupies or any of the pictures that you took with your mobile camera to our loved ones. When iPhone 6 introduced into the market, we saw there was a moving fish on the screen of the phone which was amazing. Although there was GIF available on the internet and the software were also available on the internet & WhatsApp Beta Version. There was nobody interested in GIF before. Whatsapp beta

It was in November 2016 WhatsApp decides to make the chatting more interesting. GIF introduced into WhatsApp for the Apple user. Till that time the users didn’t know about the interesting facts of GIF. It’s very interesting to reply with a moving picture to your friends. December was the month that this feature got in the hands of Android users. Now the feature has gone to the next level you can select the GIF which already saved on the phone by typing the desired keyword. Whatsapp beta v2.17.6  is the version of WhatsApp which allows the user to use GIF pictures. Whatsapp also managed to increase the number of data selection at a time. The maximum number of pictures that can be selected to send to your friend was 10 but with the latest version you can add 30 images at a time.

The GIF was started for the first time like selecting a video and making a GIF from the video but later it was changed. We could make our own GIFs and send it our friends. Not only that you can send the saved GIFs on the phone. Android beta version 2.17.6 will serve the users who were eagerly waiting for these amazing features

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