Get Google Maps App lite version Google Maps Go

For entry-level phones with 1GB or less RAM that do not have the strong hardware to handle regular apps, Google is now launching lightweight apps on the Play store. These apps are known as “Go” apps or mini version of standard apps. Get Google Maps App lite version Google Maps Go.


Google Map Go app is a new “Go” app that is currently available in the google play store. Earlier it was not available in the play store but recently the app made its way to the play store making the reach to the app easy. On Android Oreo (Go edition) devices, this app is pre-installed. You can also use in any of your browsers to use Google Maps.

Google Map Go app has the same features as the Google Map app except a few. The main advantage of this app over Google Map is that its size is just 150KB. While the Google Map is around 25 to 30 MB.

 Here are some features available on Google Map Go app.

  • You can search for a place.

        To search for a location, open Google Map Go app. Tap the search box at the top and enter the name of the place.

  • You can learn more about a place.

         Search for a location. Tap the name of the place at the bottom. You will get details about the place like address, phone number, ratings etc.

  • You can get directions and required travel time to places you might go.

          Search for the place and tap Directions. Choose your mode of travelling. Tap Navigate to start voice-guided directions.

  • You can get directions for different times.

           You can choose when to leave or when to arrive. Tap Directions and choose a destination. Tap Leave Now at the top. Choose a time and follow the instructions.

              You must note that all the features of Google Map Go app are not available in all regions.

               Even though it is providing good features and facilities, it has many disadvantages compared to the standard Google Map. In this app, you can’t share your real-time location. You can’t download areas and navigate offline using this app. You can’t edit information about a place or report data problems or set home and work address. You are not able to measure the distance between places. You can’t add private labels to places.

             Apart from all these limitations,  Google Map Go app is being improved upon every day.  It can be an effective way of getting basic processing capabilities to everyone across the world. 


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