Best 2 Smart phones Buy Under 30k | Iphone6 vs One plus 3T

Indian market welcomed the new variant of iPhone 6 with 32GB internal memory which is priced 29,999/– which comes under below 30,000/ category. Android is the ruler of the Indian market and the price range of the device is pointing toward the OnePlus 3T which is the best selling device in this category. Even if the Android devices are selling very fast compared to the IOS devices it is every common man’s dream to buy their own iPhone devices.

The iPhone 6 has aged very well and had its good time when it was introduced two and half years before. It was launched with the IOS 8 operating system in 2014 but the new device comes with IOS 10 but the device will make the user very disappointed. Even if the device comes with the latest version of IOS operating system, Apple does not make any effort to upgrade the hardware options in this device. The specification which is present in this device will prevent users from using so many apps and features in IOS 10. The amazing features like 3D touch, live picture etc, are not available in this device.

The device comes with an amazing camera which will deliver quality in low light and it won’t spoil the reputation of iPhone cameras. The device will be targeting the iPhone lovers who are desperately waiting to get their hands on an iPhone device. The costly iPhone 7 which comes with the base model priced at 60,000/- which is not the best option for a common man.

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iPhone 6 is head to head on battle with its own sibling iPhone SE which comes with a price range of 27,000/-. These two devices as the price difference there is also some difference also. Considering the specs of SE it comes with a 4inch display and 6 comes with a 4.7inch display, SE will have the A9 chipset with 2GB RAM capacity when 6 only have an A8 chipset with 1GB RAM. Both the device comes with a pixel density of 326ppi. These two devices have it own reason to be better than the other.

The big fish in this price category is OnePlus 3T which comes with so much better specifications compared to these iPhone devices. 5.5inch display, storage capacity with an expandable slot, better display resolution, longer battery life, camera specification etc, which are way over than that of iPhone device.

Iphone 6 32GB version will help you to show off in front of others but this android device means business.

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