Google Map Latest Updation Parking status in your destination

Google map have been there to help the drivers to find their destination route, and it is a favorite app of drivers. Google map will show you route to any place you require. So Google maps is a must required app in a gadget, and it will be there in every Android app.

Now, Google maps had taken one more step which is a big step and a very useful feature to drivers and family men. The app introduced the new feature which informs the parking status of the destination which the user had entered. Unfortunately, this feature has only released the US and only in some regions. The app will show you the parking status in three levels as limited, medium and smooth. The parking symbol will be shown near the right side of the travel duration. The three tiers in parking symbol will be indicated by different colors such as red and blue. The red of course indicates that there are minimal parking is available in the destination otherwise the P symbol in blue.

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The main advantage of this feature is that you can check the parking space availability even before you start your journey. Now the parking availability is only available in the metros of the US such as San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, new York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, etc.
We can expect this feature to be introduced in other nation soon. People will be delighted to have this feature on their device. So wait for it.

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