Google Map Launching new Commute Tab and music controls

Google Maps App Gets new Commute Tab and music controls

Recently I shared with you a good feature of Google Maps app. That was Google Map voice navigation language settings. And now here I’m sharing a new update of Google Map. It’s really an amazing feature. Google Map is a very helpful application, we can reach our destination easily by using Google Map. If we have Google Map, we did not need the help of any other person to reach the destination. In its new update, Google added a commute tab. This feature aimed at helping users save time and stress from their daily commute to work. Earlier through Google Maps app, we can get the direction, shortest route and estimated time depends on the type of vehicle to reach the destination. But we can’t find our Bus or Train current position etc. Majority of people are depending on Train or Bus to reach their destination.

Traveling in a public vehicle is sometimes hard, because if we late 2 or 3 minutes we just miss it. So we need to wait for the next one. In the case of Train, when we reach the right time on the station, the train may late. This is a common issue facing the regular passengers. With this new feature, you can see exactly where your bus or train is on the map in real time. In the case of Drivers, they will also be able to use the commute tab to see if they’ll need to plan extra travel time for accidents, heavy traffic or road construction. In delays, the Google Maps will offer alternative routes as well. Drivers will get notifications about delays during their travel in real-time.

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Most of them are listening to music while traveling. So, Google integrated music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music into Google Maps, so that users can control their music directly from the Google Maps navigation. This new feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms, to get this feature you should need to update your Google Map application.

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