How to Change Google Map Voice Navigation Language

How to Change Google Maps Voice Navigation Language

Every time Google comes up with user-friendly features. Here I ‘m sharing the way to  Change Google Maps Voice Navigation Language. Most of the people have the idea to change the Google Voice search language. Like that we can also change Google Maps voice navigation language. Google rolled out this feature in March 2018.  At that time Google adds 6 more languages to Google Map application includes Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. So Google Map users can set their native language as voice navigation language. Then they will get the driving directions in their native language. If you are in Kerala, you can set the language as Malayalam and later you will get the directions in the Malayalam language.

This feature is available on the desktop and mobile versions of Google Map. For enabling this feature, just go to navigation settings in the map and change language to Malayalam or any language you wanted to set as your preferred language. I think this new feature is really comfortable for the people who are uncomfortable in the English language. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in Google Maps for iPhone and iPad. An we hope it will be available soon in iOS devices. In the case of Android user, change the default Google maps voice navigation language to Malayalam or any language you preffered is very easy. Here I will give you the steps to change Google Maps voice navigation language.

How to Change the Navigation language

If you are an Android User, Follow the below steps to do it now.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Google Maps.
  • Tap Menu icon (hamburger menu icon) and then tap on Settings.
  • Tap Navigation settings and you will get a list of settings option.
  • Tap on Voice Selection, here you can see the available languages and voice.
  • Choose the voice and language from the list.

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