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Google had released their 42,999/- priced Nexus 6P last year. The fingerprint scanner, fast processing, etc. is the main advantages of this model. Despite being launched a year ago, there are users wanting to have a nexus 6p. Question for Nexus users is that do you feel like your Nexus 6P drinks so much juice and emptying your bottle? Yeah, this is not happening to you only. Some users are facing the same problem. When Nexus was first launched for the first time, there were so many issues that were faced by Google and Huawei, which they managed to overcome.

Later with the launch of Android Nougat, the same problems started to follow the users. Some users thought that it is because they are connected to the internet most of the tome is the reason for their battery to die very fast. There are reports that states Nexus users had to put their device for charging for more than two times a day which is frustrating for the users. The reports state that Google and Huawei are aware of this situation but are keeping their silent mode towards this situation.



The main problem of the Nexus 6P is that it gets stuck suddenly and goes to the boot menu and stays showing the Google logo on your screen. This state is known as Bootloop, which is an error caused by the corrupt codes in your OS. If your phone gets this problem, it will repeatedly be happening to an infinite time. It won’t matter if you try to try to restart the device forcibly or does a restore factory settings or anything like that.

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Now if you are a person who is suffering this problem, the only thing is to do is contacting Google or Huawei and get your device exchanged with a new one. But there is talk about this exchange matter. Some of the users are complaining about the device which they got was a used second-hand piece which is not an expected thing from Google. Google had been promised their user for about a 12-Month warranty, and Huawei promises a guarantee of 15-months. So without any delay contact Google if you are facing the problem and get your device exchanged.

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