How to Use Google Voice search in your native language

How to Use Google Voice search in your native language

Google, the most popular Search Engine. Google will help us in every situation, so everyone uses it in every moment they need the answer for a query. If we have a query, just open the Google app and type it on the search field. But now we can able to search using voice, so we don’t need to type it. In the last year, search giant Google expanded Google Voice search feature for more Indian languages. Now people able to search on Google using their own language. Just ask what you need in your own language then Google will give you the result. But first of all, you need to do some changes on your Google app settings. After that, you can ask anything on Google in your language.

Google recognize your voice and fetch every word you pronounce. Then its search for that words and gives you its results. Google apps are pre-installed in most of the android devices if your device has not had Google app just install it from Google Play Store.

How to search On Google using voice commands.

  • On your Android device, Open the Google App.
  • Turn On the Voice Search Option.

1. Save your voice on Google App.

2. Tap Menu -> Settings-> Voice-> Then “Ok Google” Detection,

3. Choose when you want your phone to listen when you say “Ok Google. ”

  • Tap on Microphone icon or say “Ok Google” to start your voice search.
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Google Voice search supported for 120 languages including Indian languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. And Arabic languages also supported in Google Voice search.

How to change settings to choose your language as primary language in Google Voice Search

  • Open the Google App, tap on Menu icon and Go to Settings.
  • Then tap on Voice, Then you can see voice settings options.
  • You can see Languages option at first in your Google Voice settings.
  • Tap on Languages, then a popup will appear with the list of supported languages.
  • Choose your Primary language and tap on Save.
  • Then start the search using the language which you are setting as the primary language.

Not only for search, you can manage your Phone using Voice commands. Like unlock the phone, open apps, privacy settings, set an alarm, reminders and lot more. Every function is not supported in all language. But Google Search supported.

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