Hindustan Motors AMBASSADOR New model Review | Price in India

For a long time was the favorite model of Indian drivers. The ministers in India would only take this car for their official journey, other government officials also take this model for their journey. It was a beautiful feeling when a minister arrives for a meeting with an Ambassador . Later this luck was transferred to Innova’s which is the most used car for the government official.

Like this by the arrival of the new model with more luxury and safety driver began to forget ambassador. With the loss of market value, slowly ambassador faded and started to disappear from the roads. The new generation drivers look for performance and comfort and also safety and luxury features. These kinds of facilities were not available in the old Ambassador. These were the reason the removed ambassador from the Indian roads. Later the royal ride of ambassador which started in 1957 stopped in may 24. The model which were introduced by HM were land master, nova, is side etc which were accepted by Indian not only bureaucrats but also the taxi drivers and common people. The HM was the second brand to build a factory in Uttarpaara after Japanese company Toyota.

The king returns after the long silence after the French car maker Peugeot joined CK Birla group’s Hindustan Motors which was known as HM. This joint venture puts some light into the future of Ambassador brand. The deal was of 12 million us Dollar which is 80 crore in India. The return of the ambassador will be grand after this joint venture because Peugeot promised to spend 107 million US dollar which is 700 Indian rupees.

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As per the deal made last month of both companies the car factories will be in Tamilnadu and the majority of the shares will be owned by the Peugeot group. They are planning to make 1lakh cars in a year. It is the second time Peugeot making an entry into the Indian market, first time was with Toyota in 2011 and they couldn’t get the result they expected and they pulled it back. The 100-year old company who know the technologies and ideas about the new generation cars will surely bring the Ambassador into the position where it was before.
Indian Ambassador lovers are eagerly waiting to expect that Ambassador will find its place in Peugeot’s first row of cars which will be introduced to the Indian market first

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  1. Nice article.ambassador will be always a nostalgic element for mallus.The news about new ambassador will be a happy news for mallus

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