How to Block Frauds in Google Pay

Now Digital Payment systems are more popular in India and it is very useful as well. Many people using the digital payment system, it enables cash-free transactions. In the case of Money, we should more careful. We know that, from the old times, we heard and face many cheating issues related to money. In this digital era, there are lots of money laundering news reported related to Digital Payment systems like Digital wallets. So you should more careful when using Digital wallets like Google Pay, Phonepe, etc.


Google Pay, powered by Google. Its a UPI based payment system. We can send and receive money instantly without any efforts. It eases our transactions. Using Google Pay, we can Pay in stores, apps or websites. Send money to friends and family.

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Not only Pay, but we can also send a request for money to our friends. Sometimes some fraud requests may receive in your Google pay. In this situation, you can block that unknown person who send you money request. Google Pay providing an option to block that kind of person you don’t want to contact you on Google Pay. This Google Pay feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s know how to block fraud in Google Pay.

Follow the below steps to block unwanted contacts on Google Pay

  • First, Open Google Pay on your Android/iOS device.
  • In its first opening page, you can see the contacts you have send/received money via Google Pay. It also displays the contacts who have requested money from you.
  • Just slide up to see more contacts.
  • Now you can tap to choose the contact that you want to block in Google Pay.
  • When you tap on the contact, it will open and show all previous messages and requests with the person.
  • If that particular contact is a saved contact (the number is saved in your device Phonebook ). Just tap on the 3 dotted icon at the top right corner of the app.
  • It will show you some options include Block
  • Tap on the Block option and block it.
  • If the contact is not saved in your phonebook, you will see the Block option when you tap on the icon. You can tap on the Block option to block that contact also you can report as Spam.


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