How to book Train Tickets using Google Pay UPI App

Google Pay, the most popular UPI based payment app powered by sear giant Google. Nowadays, many peoples using Google Pay to ease their transactions. The benefits of transacting via Google Pay is it brings lots of offers, scratch cards, and is secure. People trusting Google Pay may be because of the trust in Google. By using Google Pay, we can do lots of things like paying the electricity bill, d2h bill, mobile number recharge, send money, paying bills, book train tickets, etc. Today here I’m sharing the steps to book train tickets via Google Pay.


How to book Train Tickets via Google Pay

Google Pay is made for easying our online transactions. All google Pay services are really useful and userfriendly. Google Pay app has a good user interface as well. Let’s know how to book train tickets via Google Pay.

We need IRCTC account information to book Train tickets with Google Pay. Google Pay helps you to view and Book train tickets up to 4 months in advance.

Below shows the step by step instructions to book train tickets via Google Pay

  • As it’s the First step, open your Google Pay app and move to the Bussiness section and tap on Trains chat head to open the train ticket booking section.
  • No, tap on New ticket.
  • You can search for trains by origin, destination, and date for travel. The result shows a list of trains as per your search criteria.
  • After finds your train, then check seat availability as per the class you want to travel in.
  • Then confirm the station and tap OK.
  • In the next step, you need to enter your IRCTC account details, if you don’t already have an IRCTC account, the app will provide you the link to create a new one.
  • Now, enter the passenger information and confirm the booking information, then tap to Continue.
  • Then payment option, select a payment method and tap Proceed to continue.
  • Now, enter your UPI PIN, following which you will be taken to the IRCTC website. And Enter your IRCTC password and the Captcha.
  • The tap Submit. Now your ticket will be booked. And you can see a confirmation message on the screen.

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