How To Download Youtube Videos In Android & Ios

Youtube has already launched it save offline feature which is actually a very helpful feature to Indian users in old times but now the situation changed and 4G connectivity is the hero here and saving offline and watching online became common. Now, let’s look at that offline feature there is some fault in that. The app will block those videos if you didn’t open the app for some days and to unblock that you will have to connect the app with an internet.  Second thing is that it will automatically re-download it every time which is annoying. So save offline feature was helpful and it also had a fault  Download Youtube Videos

If you are fed up of feature you can download it, but with some third party apps. There are options for among all operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. But notice that this condition is against the terms and conditions of youtube.

There are so many apps available on the internet to do this purpose but among them, there is few people trust. Of course, these apps won’t be available in play store because the reason I mentioned above.

Youtube Videos Download For Android 

Android users can use TubeMate as their downloading app and this is a nice app considering others which made it so popular. The things to notice are the Android devices are made to block the unknown source app so that you have to enable this option in setting if you want to enjoy the app. After enabling this function to try only to download trusted apps because there are also fraud apps also so only use reliable apps. The app will be installed after enabling the option in security settings. Download the app from the official app site because there are so many duplicates for this app. Most of the browser will show warning message after you click the downloading button so press allow. The app will be downloaded and you have to install it.

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Download Youtube Videos

After opening the app it will show you that it is similar to normal youtube app with a tab above it. The app enables a user to download videos while streaming them. Whenever you are streaming a video you can notice a green downloading symbol. You can press it and it will parse the video and ask for the format which you want to download and notice one thing download only the format which can be supported by your device or otherwise they can make your memory to go filled. If you are using a high-end device you can select the topmost format which is 1920x1080p and from that to downwards there are so many formats available. Save the files in the memory card which can be done in the preference option on the right top buttons.

Windows PC user can also use the luxury so many apps considering iOS but there are so many sites which can make fun of you. These sites can make you download an unwanted app by making you believe that you are downloading the app you want to download. The best app available in Windows category is Any Video Converter Free which is a nice app which will allow you to download multiple videos simultaneously like TubeMate. The procedure is simple copy the video URL and selects the quality you want to view the video and the downloading will start. aTube Catcher is another app that will deliver you much better quality videos and the downloading process are same.

Youtube Videos Download For IOS

iOs does not have the luxury of so many apps like Android but youtube videos can also download in every Apple OS. Documents5 is the hero in these OS which helps you to save the videos from Youtube. But Apple OS are very different so the downloading function varies according to which OS are you are using.

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Download Youtube Videos

Documents5 is actually a file manager which also shows a way to download Youtube videos. In iOS, you have to copy the link of the video which you are viewing. There is a web browser in Documents5 and enter and paste the link there and select the quality of the video you want to save and it is done. After downloading you can drag it out from Documents5 so that you can save it outside also. Macx youtube downloader is the best options for Mac users and it is straight forward compared to the option in iOS.

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