How to install and Configure whatsapp in Desktop

There are so many users use Android simulator for using messengers such as Whatsapp, Hangouts etc. Some apps were available for PC for some time now and to overcome their rivals Whatsapp brought their PC version which can be used on Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions. Windows version 10 have some slight error according to reports and its worth a try. Before all these users had to rely on some Android simulators to use these apps and this app wasn’t appealing to so many users. Bluestacks was the main simulator in this category and even there was a chrome plugin for Whatsapp, to keep its reputation and users they extended their hands and there is a Desktop client for Whatsapp now.

Requirements to install WhatsApp in your PC

First thing is that the plugin will only work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions. The Windows 10 users don’t need to be disappointed and give it a try to install it but there is some error are reporting about the usage of this OS. We can expect an update soon. The app is very light and does not consume a lot of memory so that there is no need of huge RAM capacity and Processor capacity. You will need a stable internet connection because as you guys know WhatsApp need the internet connection to stay online. The PC can synchronize the mobile WhatsApp and use the same account using Whatsapp Web QR code scanner.  The smartphones can be Android, Windows, and iPhone with WhatsApp installed in it.

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Let us install it

Before you begin there is an information that you need to know about the synchronization. The chats, pic, and videos which you had sent and received will be loaded to the PC also. The app will synchronize with the device whether its Android, Windows or iPhone.

Open the official website of WhatsApp and check the for the installation file which matches your PC. There will be 32 bit and 64-bit WhatsApp versions, download the file that matches your PC. After downloading it install it, there will be a tab opened after the installation completion.

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Setup Whatsapp

The tab will automatically open after the installation which shows the options to select your smartphone Operation system. After selecting the OS the PC will show you a QR code after that open the Whatsapp web in your android device. Next thing you want to do is simple just scan the code in PC using your smartphone and its done. Instantly the screen will open loading your data in smartphones. The thing is that the apk file is not equipped with audio calls and all you can do only chat but you can receive audio and play it. You will have to rely on the smartphone for those purposes including video calls.

Now if you don’t want to use this all time you can log out from PC in the same option which is Whatsapp web. There is an option that says Log out of all computer and another option shows the devices that you have been connected to. Press the Log out of all computer if you want to log out and go back to the smartphone. Keep the software in the so that you can use it whenever you want.

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Advantages of PC version

The main advantage is that it helps to avoid unwanted space consumption in your smartphone. This might be helpful for the user who has limited internal memory and the Whatsapp for PC will keep the copy of all data is on PC so the data are safe. The contacts will also be synchronized and copied to the Whatsapp for PC so that you need to worry about any a headache. Notification, profile picture, and all other features can be edited with the help of Whatsapp for PC. The Whatsapp for PC will practically bring everything to the PC.

The main advantage is that you can relax and enjoy your keyboard and mouse to interact without the help of any other secondary app. You don’t have to take rely on the smartphone all you need you to do is to connect both devices to a working internet connection and put your smartphone for charging and take some relaxing time with your Whatsapp for PC.

Overall the Whatsapp for PC is WhatsApp app brought in to the bigger screen without video and audio call option. Install it now and try it you’ll love it.

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