How to link the PAN card with Aadhaar

  • The latest report from income tax department all the PAN card users should link their Aadhar card with PAN card before June 30th. The PAN cards which are not linked with Aadhaar will not be valid after 30th of June. Aadhaar being the identification for all purposes in India and because of our biometric security income tax can flush out the fake id PAN cards and can stop the illegal works doing with this fake id. Tax invasion being the main problem in our country this big step towards the future will help income tax to overcome this issue.

How to link the PAN card with Aadhaar

The procedure is very simple and anyone can do this at their home through their mobile or computer which have an internet connection of course. Income tax made the procedure so that everyone can do this procedure their own. Visit the website of income tax department using the URL In the official website, you can see the option on the left side of the screen which says link your Aadhaar. Click this button and you will be taken to a page where you have to enter your Aadhaar and PAN details.

how to link pan with adhar

Things to remember when filling the form

Make sure you fill the PAN card and Aadhaar card number correctly. There is an option which says ‘I have only the year of birth in Aadhaar card’ and if so tick the box. Also, try to enter the words shown in the box correctly or the page won’t let you go forward. After all this, all you have to do is to press the link Aadhaar button and it’s done.

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SMS option to link Aadhaar

If you are not interested in all form filling and all you can do this by sending a simple SMS. The SMS option is UIDPAN<space>Aadhaar_number<space>PAN_number<space>. After entering the SMS format on you mobile send this SMS to 567678 or 56161. After sending the SMS you will receive a message which you need to check accurately and save any numbers that are mentioned in the SMS somewhere, because may this number will become useful.

Make sure you link the Aadhaar with PAN before June 30. All of us know the importance of PAN card in people’s daily life and to keep the life easy link both of the cards. There are two options to it and both of them are simple steps

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