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Today WhatsApp celebrated its 8th birthday and in this 8th birthday, WhatsApp had given its users a new feature. Status feature is the newest change that had been happened in WhatsApp. This is similar to snap chat, but being the number one online social media in the world Whatsapp have to provide new features at certain time intervals to stay on the top.Whatsapp Latest Updation

How To Use   

The new feature allows users to put their pictures, videos, and text as users status. The videos and images can also be edited before posting them. the news about the new change was officially announced a few days back in WhatsApp’s official blog. The end to end encryption security is also applicable to this feature. But remember this status have only one-day validity that means you have to add your status every day which is exactly what a status means.

The new update is available in Android, windows, IOS but the Nokia, blackberry users are waiting for this new feature. The new update will add one more tab in your WhatsApp app which will lead you to a camera to add today’s update or you can select from your gallery. The user will be provided with information about the people who had viewed users status.

Whatsapp Latest Updation

There is a thing that happened in new update the contacts tab had been disappeared. For some people, this might be a good change but for some people, it won’t be.

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