How to get International Driving Licence

International Drivers License Application

Normally people are applying for driving license only from their country. But if you want to drive on more than one country you need international license. For acquiring an International Driving License you should aware of its procedures. At its first step, you must know what is an International Driving Permit.Here I give you the details about international drivers license application.

What is International Driving Permit (IDP)?

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an identity document, it permits the holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country that understands International Driving Permits. The International Driving Permit is slightly larger than a passport, is a multi-language translation of the driver’s license from the issuing nation, it includes the photograph and vital statistics of the person.

What are the Preliminary aspects of International Drivers License Application

For acquiring an International Driving license, you should submit some of the legal documents in the RTO. Normally, International driving licenses are issued to people who return abroad after a vacation or are about to leave for a tour abroad. But today lots of expats to apply for an international driving license from back home rather than applying for it outside.

Approximately 130 countries accepting an International Driving license. And it is valid for one year’s and can be used in most European countries, the US, Commonwealth nations and more. Normally our Driving license can be extended or renewed. But an International Driving license cannot be renewed or extended, it valid only one year from the date of issue.

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If you are 18 or above year old, you can applying for an International Driving need to visit the nearest RTO with the required documents and an application fee.

The required documents are – your valid Driving license, 3 passport-sized photographs. And it will be submitted to a senior official in the RTO department.

But, If you are an Indian Citizen, You should submit more documents listed below for international drivers license application.

Required Documents for Indian Citizens

  • Form 4 – Click here to download
  • Copy of valid driver’s license
  • Copy of passport and visa
  • Copy of air tickets
  • Medical certificate as mentioned in the application form.
  • Application fee of Rs. 500
  • 5 passport sized photographs.
  • Certified proof of Indian citizenship.
  • Copy of address proof
  • Copy of age proof.

If you want to know more about international drivers license application, go to your nearest RTO office and inquire. Here I share my knowledge about this topic and also, I searched about this topic, all the details are included here. It may be help you.

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