Flipkart to sell iPhones in discount

iPhone discount sale in Flipkart: The big fish in online store announced iPhone discount sale (discount offers for Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus). It is everyone’s dream to get his/her own iPhone device. But the price of these devices always burned these dreams away every time. The perfect design build quality and performance which attracts everyone to these amazing devices. As we all know the devices priced above 60,000/- which is not affordable by normal people.

Now Flipkart introduced their new discounts and offers which will be a relief for the people who were eagerly waiting for this kind of offers. The base model 32GB is priced at 72,000/- will be available at a discount price of 68,400/-. Like this 256GB device is brought down from 87,400/- from 92,000/- and 128GB will be available at 77,990/- not 82,000/-. These prices very amazing compared to the actual price of these devices.

Next thing is the exchange offer for these devices will help the users to upgrade their mobiles into the iPhones. The exchange offer will depend on the devices and brands which you want to exchange. The iPhone devices such as iPhone 6s plus will get 25,100/- other brands such as Google pixels, LG etc will get you a very lower price. The discount with this kind of exchange offer will make the price go down to an affordable price. Like the offer from Apple, Flipkart also managed to provide amazing exchange offer. The devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c to iPhone 6s plus will get an offer of 15% discount. So the apple users can upgrade to the new model easily. Now there is so many apple users who already has the latest apple devices and want to upgrade their internal memory for those people Flipkart will provide them with another amazing offer. The iPhone 7 variants such as 32GB internal memory will get an extra offer 9,000/- and the 128GB device will get an extra offer with 10,500/- and 256GB will get 12,000/- extra in case you want your device ti changed as new. The iPhone 7plus variants such as 32GB internal memory will get 10,800/- and 128GB will get 12,300/- and 256GB will get 13,800/-.


The credit card facilities are also available in purchases and the credit card purchase of Axis bank will get an additional 5% discount. That means the Axis bank is also part of these offers. Unfortunately, the 256GB variants are not available now because it is out of stock listed.

Go grab your iphone now before it all sells out.

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