4G was one of the historical movements that had happened lately. But this was not this technology haven’t reached all of the users. Some people cannot afford to buy new mobiles whenever they want. There are so many disappointed people who are missing this fantastic offer that is now providing to their lucky customers. The rapid change of 3G to 4G was the shock to these people because they are not able to buy a new phone to get this offer. There are so many mobile phone users want to become one of the 52million users.

JIO is responding to this call. Reports are coming in the preparation about the things happening in JIO’s technical side. JIO is planning to introduce their connection into 3G. The reports state that JIO will be adding the application that supports the 3G facility last of this month. The app will help the user to use the SIM in 3G supported handsets also. The activated SIM will be providing the same 4G services that they are providing to their current users. JIO is planning to provide this facility as a New Year offer. So happy new year guys. Wait for it and enjoy its coming after a merry Xmas

How To Use Jio 4G Sim  In 3GSmart Phones

1. Download Shortcut Master Application from google play

2.find the Menu icon and select it to launch

3.then Select “Engineering Mode “

4.Change LTE  Service

5.In case the Engineering Mode does not work, launch the phone dialer and key in *#2263#,

6.Go to UE Settings  Settings > Protocol > NAS > Network Control > Band Selection > LTE Band > Band 40

7.After the Settings Process  Switch off Your Mobile then  insert Jio Sim within the 1st Sim Slot


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