Traffic Guru: Android Game Application By Kerala Police

Traffic Guru Android Game Application: Kerala Police App

Playing games is always an interesting thing in our life. Different kind of game apps are available. Some game applications are just for fun, but some other games help to improve our skills. Like that, today here I’m sharing an Android game application developed by Kerala Police. Its not just a Game application. Kerala police aimed to develop this application for bringing traffic awareness to the public. We all know that Kerala police is very active in social media. They provide awareness programs, informative things, rules, and regulations through easiest way like Trolls. Day By Day accident rates is increasing in our state. So this application is helping people to easily catch the traffic rules and regulations. App named Traffic Guru. Let’s Know more about this application.

Traffic Guru

Traffic Guru is an Android application powered by Kerala Police, currently available in Google Play Store. Traffic Guru is an Android Game app listed under the Educational category of apps on Play Store. Traffic Guru apps help users to learn the main rules and regulations while driving a vehicle in a public road. This application mainly focusing to bring Traffic awareness to the people. Some people are addicted to racing games, this Traffic Guru is that kind of an app but it also provides traffic awareness is its specialty. In other racing games, ‘learning and safety’ has no importance. But in the case of Traffic Guru, ‘Safe Driving’ is its master key.


Traffic Guru app has a very interesting user-interface and is really simple. When you opening the app, you can see 6 main buttons on its homepage. That are Drive, Profile, Garage, Tutorials, Options, Credits and so on. Through the first option, you can play the Game. In the Garage section, you can choose the type of vehicle you want to use in your game as well. Kerala Police launched this application to bring traffic awareness to the public. Also, they need your suggestions to develop this app to the next level. So post your suggestions under the review section in the play store. And Keep Gaming and learn.

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