Kochi Metro Rail Ltd Time Shedule

The Kochi metro rail Ltd recently announced that there will be a train in every 10mins on all stations from Aluva and Maharaja’s College. The first services are planned to conduct from Aluva to Maharajas College because of the incompletion of construction work. We all have seen the inside of the metro rail station through news and it is classy and not behind any other Metro. Kochi is waiting for the commercial operation of Kochi Metro which was the dream of every people in Kochi and it is going to start soon.

The reports state that there will be 6 trains will be running simultaneously which makes sure that the trains reach every station at the right time and the passengers can save their time in every means. The trial runs were successful and the trains were able to attain the speed of 90Km/hr. Now there are two sets of a train which are arrived in Kochi from Alstom. According to KMRL officials, the third set will be arriving soon. The last set will be arriving in 2018 February and there will be 6 trains running and there will be an extra one for emergency permissions.

Kochi Metro

There are 18Km from Aluva to Maharajas College on one side and it can be achieved in 30minutes with 34Km speed. The train can carry 975 passengers at a time and to accommodate them there are 65m long cabins there. The ticket rates and timings are yet to be decided because there are discussions going on whether the operations have to be done till 12 in the midnight. The ticketing system is progressing and we can expect the ticket rates and every detail after the next board meeting.

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They also mentioned that all the trains have to be tested before starting the services to ensure the security said the officials in KMRL. Every train will be tested in Mutton Yard in every condition so there is no issue of safety fault there.

We can be proud of this achievement and with this, we can get rid of irritating traffic and can keep up with time. Kochi Metro will change our routine to perfect with getting us the right places in right time. We can also hope that the Vytila flyover construction shall begin soon and Metro to attain the completion in Vytila Hub. This will make the Vytila hub a real hub.

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