How to reduce Smartphone Radiation

Use Low Radiation Phones

Today, the number of smartphone users are not measurable. Because of most of the people in the world, they are using smartphones. And most of them change their phone in every year for the upgrade to new technology. Now, Smartphone is an essential element of life. But the people ignore one important thing, the smartphones radiation. Today here I’m sharing about how to avoid Smartphone radiation. Use low radiation phones is a good way to reduce radiation.

Low Radiation Phones : Check now

We can check the radiation of phones easily by checking the SAR value of the phone. SAR denotes Specific Absorption Rate. The SAR value of cell phone radiation was set at a maximum of 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body weight. You can check your smarphone is in the list of Low Radiation phones by checking SAR value by dialing the USSD code *#07#. If it results 1.6 W/Kg, Its fine. Otherwise it not safe.

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We can’t completely avoid the smartphone radiation, but we can reduce it by taking some safety precautions. Here I give you some suggestions from tech giants.

Keep away from your Body: The smartphone keeps away from your body and avoids body contact. Most of them carrying their cellphones in the pocket. But it is not good for your health. Maintain a minimum space between you and your phone. Some women carry their cellphone within their bra. It’s too dangerous and it may lead to breast cancer. The reports say lots of women are suffering from Brest cancer.

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Text or use a Bluetooth/headset/speakerphone instead of calling: Do not use phone directly while calling, use Bluetooth headset or wired headset instead of calling. And use texting more than calling. While texting to convey your message. Because while texting we keep some distance between our body and the cell phone.

Keep your cell phone turned off at night: Lots of people have a habit, they set an alarm on their phone an keep it close to their head. At night our body turns to parasympathetic mode. So at that time, our body can’t resist all these radiations. So it damages our head and body.

Don’t use cell phones at low connection: At low connection, our cell phones increase its transmitting power and take an attempt to connect to the nearest cell tower. So it emits RF signals more than normal time.

Kids, Pregnant ladies must reduce cell phone use: Children are in an age of growing, the cell phones radiations can damage their brain growth.

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