Magic mind reading trick with secret

Mind Reader App Magic mind reading trick with secret

We, humans, believe in several things. Everyone having their own opinions on various topics. No one is similar in this world with all features. You can’t find a person as same as you. People accepting born and die. The life of a person determines the time period from their birth and death. Someone gets a long period of time to live their life. But some others can’t. In our lifetime, we are doing lots of duties, telling lots of stories, lies, truth everything, thinking over and over etc. Lots of Psychology studies and theories are stated about the human mind and the thinking effects in their life etc. Today here I’m sharing that kind of a topic. That is Mindreading. Sometimes we just dreaming that, we are god and we can able to read others thoughts. This is a mind reader app named Magic mind reading. You can take it as a game or a serious tool to study about your mind.

Magic mind reading trick – Magic trick with secret

This is a simple android application developed by JUSt Imagine Studios. Currently available on Google Play Store under the entertainment category of apps. It is a small size application. 2.6 M size app was last updated on July 31, 2018. The current version of the app is 2 and it requires Android version 4.0.3 and above to install it on your device. App content rated age 3+. The Magic mind reading app is such a brilliant application. The app can able to read your mind and show you. It also teaches you how to do mind reading.

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We all know that magic has some tricks and some scientific definitions. Like that this magic mind reading app having some tricks and you can experience it.  You can learn mind reading, some tricks, and tips about mind reading as well. Sometimes you may think it is hard, but it a quite simple game you may already tried this kind of games. The process of the game having three steps. That mentioned below.

Step – 1
The first step is simple, you just have to think of a number between 1 to 99.

Step – 2
Then there will be seven cards shown to you. If you See the number you thought of then press yes and if you don’t simply press no button.

Step – 3
In the next step, the app will tell you the exact number you thought of.

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