The PAN card is a laminated card issued by the Income Tax Department of India. This PAN card basically consists of your PAN number ie; Permanent Account Number. The PAN number is a unique identity for an individual in India. Anybody can apply for a PAN card no matter whether you are a minor, a foreign national, an NRI, etc. Anybody and Everybody who has got investment and financial related transactions in India needs to get a PAN card as per the government rules.


Nowadays applying for a PAN card is so easy that you can do it at home in nearly 10 to 15 minutes. For applying for a PAN card you must require three documents. They are  1) An ID proof.  2) Address proof  3) Any proof of date of birth. The fees required to apply for a pan is different for different category of individuals. For an Indian citizen, the fees required is Rs.116(plus online payment charges). For a Foreign national it is Rs.1020(plus online payment charges).

The procedure to apply for a PAN card is given in the following steps:

  1. Go to NSDL portal from any browser on your desktop.
  2. You will be able to see an application form on the website titled Online PAN Application. Click on Apply Online. Under Application, Type select New PAN – Indian Citizen if you are an Indian citizen.
  3. Select Category of PAN card.
  4. Now fill in personal details. Click Submit.
  5. Now you will be getting a Token number. Remember that number as you need it in the future. Click on Continue with PAN Application Form.
  6. Now you will get three options. Authenticate through Aadhar to avoid sending any documents or Scan documents and upload them through e-sign or Send the hardcopy of documents directly to NSD. You can choose either of the three options according to your convenience.
  7. Enter all the details and click Next.
  8. Now enter your address and contact details and click Next.
  9. Next step is to select your AO code ie; Accessing Officer Code. Select one of the four options at the top – Indian citizen, NRI & Foreign citizen, Defence employees, Government category. Under Choose AO Code, select your state and area of residence. Then select AO Code that applies best to you from the list of codes appeared in the box below. Click Next.
  10. Now the next and the last step is document details. Select documents you have submitted as proof of age and residence from the drop-down menu. Fill in required details. Click Submit.
  11. Click on Proceed. You will be redirected to the payment page. Choose your option of payment and proceed with the payment.
  12. Once the payment is done you will be asked to authenticate via Aadhar OTP or submit documents via e-sign or directly send the hard copy to NDSL.

You will be receiving an email about your PAN card application. Your PAN card will be couriered to you within two months from the advent of application.                                                                                   


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