NORKA BUSINESS LOAN: The NORKA (Non-Residents Keralites Affairs) department has introduced a loan scheme for return emigrants. Candidates having minimum two-year working experience abroad can apply for this loan provided they submit the experience certificate. This is one of the best loan schemes currently available for Non-Resident Keralites.


The maximum Norka business loan amount provided by the government is 20 Lakh with 15 percent subsidy. 3 percent interest rate to be paid at the period of repayment. The subsidy amount that the government pays to the bank will be provided only if the loan holder doesn’t have any loan dues. Currently, SBT, South Indian Bank and Union Bank provide loans.
The Loan amount will be decided by the screening committee after the project study. Norka Business Loan also known as Pravasi Business Loan. Let’s see the details of this loan scheme.

Project Administrator : Chief Executive officer of Norka Roots

Project Aim: Give guidance to the entrepreneurs who come back from abroad and get a capital subsidy.

The main benefits of Norka Business loan

  • Loan Amount Up to 20 Lakh
  • Free Subsidy 3 Lakh
  • Can Apply Single Person Or Group
  • Government Provide 95% Loan for Total Project Cost

Areas to which government provides this Business loan:

  • Agriculture – Business like (Poultry farming), dairy farming (inland fish farming, ornamental fish farming), dairy products, food processing, integrated farming, farm tourism, sheep farming, vegetable crops, floriculture, bee farming, etc.)
  • Trade : (public trade – buying and selling, shops)
  • Services : (Repair Shop, Restaurants, Taxi Services, Home Stay, etc.)
  • Production – Small and Medium Enterprises (Pulses, Bakery products, Furniture and Wood Industry, Saloons, Paper Cups, Paper Recycling, Sandalwood, Computer parts, etc.)

Eligibility required to apply for this loan:

  • Age between 18 – 65
  • Minimum 2 year working experience abroad

Anyone with the above eligibility can apply online through the link

The documents that must be submitted with the application are:

  • Passport-size photo (in .JPG format) 
  • A copy of passport that shows the visa details (in .PDF format)
  • Project report of the business. (in .PDF format) 

How to apply?

  1. Log on to the official website mentioned above.
  2. Fill all the necessary column.
  3. 3.    Now submit the form.

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