How to Permanantly Delete WhatsApp account

How to Permanantly Delete WhatsApp account

The most popular messenger application, Whatsapp having lots of good use in our daily life. Currently millions of people using WhatsApp app. WhatsApp providing a way to share our thoughts, beautiful moments in our life with friends and family. Also, it really helpful in urgent times. We can send text messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts, Live location, even send money via WhatsApp. WhatsApp ensures end-to-end security as well. To create a WhatsApp account, you just need a smartphone having WhatsApp app and a registered mobile number. Creating a WhatsApp account is very easy. Sometimes people have to take a break from social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.. Or if any reason, you want to Permanantly Delete WhatsApp account, here I will share the steps to delete WhatsApp account.

Before deleting your WhatsApp account permanently, you should know something that I mentioned below.

WhatsApp Account Delete process is an irreversible process. If you accidentally tap on the delete option or just make a test, then you can’t regain it to the original state ever. So don’t make a test, if you are not ready to delete it permanently. WhatsApp account delete process will take up to 90 days to delete the entire data stored in backup systems. When you perform WhatsApp delete function, then it will delete your account from WhatsApp, Erase your message history, delete you from all of your WhatsApp groups. It also deletes the personal information shared with other Facebook Companies. If you are an Android user and you set the WhatsApp backup option to Google Drive, The WhatsApp data stored on Google Drive also deleted. At this time, you can’t accessible on WhatsApp.

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Delete WhatsApp Account On Android

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap the Menu Button > Settings > Account > Delete my account.
  • Then Enter your phone number in full international format and tap Delete my account option.

Delete WhatsApp Account On iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.
  • Enter your phone number in full international format and tap Delete My Account.

To get more information, you can check WhatsApp faq

If you are deleting your WhatsApp account, all of your data will be removed except copies of some material like log records. WhatsApp may keep your information for legal purposes. Also, it does not affect the information other users have relating to you, such as their copy of the messages you sent them.

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