Does your Android phone starts getting sluggish? Does its battery run out faster? Is it get slowing down? Then here are the solutions to your worry. The problem of slow working can be either due to low end when it was bought or the phone was working better first but gradually it started to slow down as it got older. No matter what the reason is, given below are the six best tips you can use to improve the performance of your smartphone.


1. Reboot your phone

          Rebooting your device will clear all the cache, stops the unwanted tasks from running and make the entire device run fast. It can solve any critical errors on your device. In order to restart your device, hold on the Power button, then select Reboot/Restart. Click OK to confirm.

2. Update your device

      Updating your Android device to the latest version means access to the most up-to-date security patches. It brings fixes, performance improvements and more to make your device running at its optimum. In order to update your system, go to the Settings. Tap on About Phone and then tap System Updates.

3. Uninstall or disable unwanted apps

It is better to decide for yourself how many apps you require for getting the experience you desire and then uninstall/disable all the other rarely used apps. It helps a lot in improving your phone’s performance. You can uninstall unused apps by going to Settings. There tap on Apps and then uninstall all the not required apps.You can also disable those apps that can’t be uninstalled because of Smartphone manufacturer’s settings.

4. Manage Background apps

           Another important method to improve the performance of your phone is managing your background apps. There are several apps which runs in the background everytime and they need to connect to internet to work. But when these apps are of no use, then they will be a reason to make your device sluggish. So immediately, get rid of such unwanted apps and make your phone runs faster.

5. Reduce animations

By reducing some of UI animations you can make your Android smartphone feels better. In order to reduce animations, enable Developer options. For that go to Settings and tap on About Phone and scroll down to the System section to look for Build number. Now tap on it seven times and you will see a message about being a developer. Now go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Developer options listed under System. You can now go to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale one by one. Tap on each of them and set it to .5x or off.

5. Limit widgets and live wallpapers

The number of widgets and live wallpapers on your phone can make your device slow. Use a static background image and only use widgets which provide you essential information on the go. This will improve your phone’s general performance and navigation.


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