PUBG, these days, is not a strange word for us. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG was published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. It was earlier not available on mobiles. But now you can play PUBG on your mobile which becomes a boon to its fans. Nowadays PUBG fans are increasing at a faster rate.


Here are some Pubg mobile tips and tricks for PUBG fans to play the game like a king.


  1. Set the graphics to minimum and frame rate as high as possible for smoother gameplay and to identify enemies easily.
  2. Try to wear outfits that blend in the environment you are playing so that enemies don’t notice you easily. (for eg. In vikendi, its better to dress white or brown, in sanhok it’s better to go with greenish colors etc.)
  3. Purchase Royale Pass for better outfits, skins, and emojis.
  4. Try to stay together as much as possible and don’t try to be a lone wolf trying to take out squads by going solo.
  5. Play with friends with a mic on for better gameplay and fun.
  6. Sanhok is the smallest map in the game followed by vikendi, erangel and miramar. Hence you can even run to the safe zone in sanhok. But it is difficult for all the other 3 maps, especially miramar and vehicles is usually needed.
  7. AWM is the most powerful gun in the game and can even pierce a level 3 helmet.
  8. Suppressors not only minimizes the sound of firing, but it also hides flash and reduces recoil to a certain extent.
  9. Be sure to select a suitable place to land so as to not get killed as soon as you land.
  10. Try to equip yourself with all level 3 armours for greater protection.
  11. Keep an eye on the map so that you are aware of the safe zone.
  12. Use weapons with stands while in prone for better stability. (for eg. QBU, M249, etc)


  1. Try to catch the enemy off guard from locations they would never expect fire from.
  2. They are many buildings in the game where you can get on the roof without stairs by climbing.
  3. Try to move to and fro or sideways or peek when confronted with an enemy in close range as it will reduce the amount of fire you receive.
  4. When facing multiple opponents, switch locations every now and then to not give away your location to the enemy.
  5. When facing players taking cover behind an object, try to flank them from at least two different sides to eliminate them easily.
  6. Be vary of bush campers, especially in sanhok.
  7. Use guns mounted with suppresors to not give away your location during the fire and also avoid long-range snipers from finding you.
  8. There are different attachments for guns with different effects. Equip the ones which suit your needs. (eg. The angled foregrip is better for sprays while vertical foregrip is better for single shots)
  9. When outnumbered, don’t fire if you are not sure if you can knock out the enemy, because if you don’t it will be too risky for you.
  10. While firing, try to aim for the upper body or head to kill an enemy faster.
  11. Use peek to fire from behind objects as it reduces the risk of you getting damage.
  12. While using snipers, aim for the head to knock out an enemy easily.
  13. Just keep in that a moving object can easily be seen by the human eye, so if you are moving fast, the chance of you getting spotted is high.

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