Redmorph – An Ultimate Security and Privacy Solution

Use Redmorph to Secure Android Phone 

If you have a protector who always with you for your protection, then you will get a relief from your problems. Today, we all use mobile phones and now it has a major role in our daily life. Most of them using mobile devices for access internet. We spend our time on social media platforms, searching our queries on Google and we have more duties on a mobile phone. We keep all our personal and professional information on our Android phone. When we accessing the internet, some of the features may affect our privacy. Some of the apps that we install may be harmful and misuse our data or information Redmorph is an Android application that acts as a solution for our Security And Privacy in the online world. Use Redmorph to secure Android Phone.

Redmorph is a company dedicated to providing people the same right to privacy online as they experience in their personal and professional lives. Redmorph helps raise awareness and get unmatched protection against cyber tracking, espionage, and malicious activity.

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What About Redmorph

  • In a New York Times study last year, Redmorph was found to be the most thorough in blocking trackers.
  • It is a partner of Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab Privacy and Security Institute.
  • Redmorph Awarded as a finalist in the 2017 SXSW Innovation Awards.
    India presence with a research centre in Hyderabad.
  • The company does not store customer data

Features of the Redmorph Ultimate Security and Privacy Solution

  • Redmorph’s Sentry Protection System proactively identifies and prevents Trojans or infected Apps from spying on banking, email, social and other critical apps. With the following features, it monitors the background behavior and intent of all the apps to proactively identify and stop tracking or other malicious activity.
  • App gatekeeper permission suite – checks for app permissions, ranks them by permissions and informs you of apps that don’t need data access for you to block it if you want
  • Network firewall – the app creates a local firewall to block all the trackers & domains that are collecting data from your device
  • GeoIP sensor – This will show you where the IPs/domains are sending the data by country and for each app in your phone
  • Sentinel Behavioral System – This unique capability checks for the behavior of various apps against each app and stops any app trying to read into another app. Our unique algorithms will detect malicious apps and inform you to quarantine or uninstall or trust them.
  • App resource monitor – This capability informs you of apps that you hardly use but are still consuming resources.
  • Central Reporting & Control – Administrative functions contain several deployment options & Roles based permission access & data security. Their Security Monitoring functions consist of real-time Roles based permission access & data security along with alerts & triggers for internal risk/fraud actions.

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