5 tips For Secure Internet Banking by Hemanth Joseph

Online shopping and online payments have become common in a common man’s life. This led to the origin of the online hacker or I will call them robbers. The cases about online hacking and stealing increased day by day. There are times when people even tell their password and account details to someone who calls and says they are from a bank. There are people who got robbed due to this kind of foolishness. SecureBanking

Here are some tips to avoid this:-

Password, the entry pass to your account. The account will be safer depend upon how difficult your password. The password should be long and should have characters in it which will make it difficult for others to guess. The password should be unique and avoid the passwords which you are using on social media’s.

There are people who stay at the railway station or bus stand just only for wifi. Remember these public wifi’s are easy to hack and it will send malware to your device which will send your details to the hacker and you will get into trouble. The second thing to remember is that avoid online banking through Internet cafes. There are software known as keyloggers which can save and send your password to the hackers so make sure you use virtual keyboard if possible.

Pay through secure websites and make sure that you are paying through 2-factor authentication (2FA). The method is safe because we will get an OTP( One Time Password) which is generated at the time you request for the payment and it will only do after you enter the OTP. Make sure that you are providing details through authenticated URL’s like https:/ which encrypts our password which is safe the URL’s like HTTP:/ will not do that so check that.

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There are so many situations reported about someone calling you and informs you that you have won a lottery and needed your account details to transfer the money. This is worst case people will provide details believing that they are getting money but actually about to lose some. No authentic banks or lottery agency will call you like that and make that kind of calls. The technical name for this is phishing so don’t b a fish in somebody’s net.

Use antiviruses on your device for sure. The antiviruses will have the property to prevent unauthorised entry and hacking and also malware. So go for the best antiviruses and don’t hesitate if you have to pay for it.
Always remember you are only safe if you are careful.

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