Selfie Photo Editor for Perfect Selfies

Selfie Photo Editor for Perfect Selfies

In any occasion, people love to take selfies. Some selfies make memories. To keep the fun moments of togetherness so lovely. Lots of people addicted to taking selfies. We always try to create better selfies. To take beautiful selfies, we need better smartphone contains a quality camera and camera app. Smartphone users are giving importance for selfies and photos that they capture on their mobile phones. That’s why now smartphone manufactures give more importance to the camera. Most of the latest smartphones having good quality cameras. At the same time, lots of new camera applications, photo editing applications are arriving on the market. Google Play Store is the trusted source to download Android application. When you check on Google Play Store, you can see lots of new selfie camera applications, photo editing applications are there. Today here I’m sharing a selfie photo editor application named Facetune. Let’s know more about this application.

Facetune – Selfie Photo Editor for Perfect Selfies

Facetune is an Android application used to edit selfies. Currently, the application available on Google Play Store with good user reviews. The app offered by Lightricks Ltd. More than 5 million of people downloaded the Facetune application from Google Play Store. Over 20 thousands of users rated. It has an average user rating of 4.1.


Facetune brings fun experience for users. And also a powerful selfie photo editor application. You can easily be beautifying your selfies with this Facetune application. In a selfie, everyone wants to get perfect smiles, Beautiful skin, Bright eyes, Beautiful hair etc. Facetune providing a better way to add these all features on your selfies. Also, the app brings another fun feature is face shaping. You can change your face in different shapes. Users can reshape or retouch the nose, enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image, Totally transform a face into the alien or other fun shapes to prank friends. Also, the user can easily remove blemishes and dark circles., add natural makeup with Facetune to get a great makeover.

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Facetune has a user-friendly interface and lot more features improve the quality of a selfie to the next level. It contains User-friendly teeth whitening tool, Facetune helps users to remove blemishes, cover up pimples and scars to make a beautiful skin. Makeup, Face reshape or Face enhancement features. The extra feature to make bright eyes, Hair, Nose beautifying and more.

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