Shazam Music App Users Here’s a Good News For You!!

Shazam Music App Users Here’s a Good News For You!!

Are you a fan of Instagram and Shazam music app in your smartphones?? Then it’s a sure shot that you would have come across their latest updates while you updated your app recently. Yes, Sharing of your favorite Shazam content as your Instagram story is now so easy!! You can now directly share your favorite content from Shazam App to your Instagram stories. Isn’t that really a time saver?!

In the recent past, Instagram has been pushing music-related features and other third-party apps like apps like Spotify, Eventbrite, and even SoundCloud were the ones that they first supported. But now they’re united with a third-party app like Shazam for its support. Now on Instagram, you can not only just share a song but also buy a concert ticket too!

If you have this App installed in your phone, all you will have to do is, select the song that you want to share, click on “share” and in the share options, you can see a direct option along with the Instagram logo. Shazam will share the album art and song information to your Instagram Stores. That is not just it! Your Insta stories will also have a “More on Shazam” option which will take you back to the page on the app which you shared on stories. All iOS and Android users are able to use this new feature now, even though this was first rolled out in iOS phones.

Trying to improve the existing feature is what every app has to do to stay trending among the users and Instagram is constantly working on its ‘Stories’ section to implement the new possible features. Instagram allowing its users to record a long video and the app automatically dividing that clip into 15-second clips for your stories was the latest update that happened for the app. I hope many of us have started using this feature by now and shares a lot of video as Insta Stories!

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What is Shazam Music App??

For those who still don’t get what this Shazam App is, we will give you a briefing. Most of us would have raked our brains so hard to figure out some random tunes or music that we happen to hear on the road. But how hard we try, some tunes are really hard to be figured out. In such situations, this Shazam App can become very handy. All you have to do is to make this App listen to the piece of audio clip for which you are trying to figure out the details. This App will give you the whole history of that clip. The application can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows. If you were not trying this app yet, try using it from today!

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