Smartphone Heating: How to prevent and cool down phone

Smartphone heating is one of the major problems we are facing these days. The overheating occurs when the phone’s CPU is unable to keep up with the demands. There are several reasons why your smartphone gets heated up.  As the smartphone does not have much ventilation like a PC or Laptop, using it for a long period of time can overheat it. Long hours of continuous gaming or internet browsing increases the workload of the phone’s battery which results in heating up the Phone. Another major reason is the old battery. A battery starts overheating if its lifecycle is almost over.


Here we suggest some methods to prevent Smartphone Heating

  1. Turn ON the Low Power Mode on iPhone and Battery Saver Mode on Android so that you can reduce the amount of power your phone uses. Thereby you can maintain the battery life of your phone. Thus prevent the phone from overheating.
  2. Always remember to turn off the unused apps from your phone which keeps the phone from being overloaded. 
  3. Delete the applications and functionalities you are no longer using. Thereby you can preserve your phone storage space as well as battery life.
  4. Switch your phone to Airplane Mode or turn it off while you are not using it.
  5. Keep your brightness low always as high brightness on your phone requires a lot of battery and reduces the lifespan of the battery.
  6. Turn Off battery draining features such as Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth while they are not in use. This gives your phone a break and allows it to cool down.
  7. Some of your phone’s app may also be the reason for your phone’s overheating. A usual update of these apps may help fixing these kind of problems.
  8. Update your phone at times. An outdated software can cause numerous problems to your phone including overheating.
  9. Occasionally restarting your phone can help prevent your phone from overheating due to minor software problems.
  10. Avoid charging your phone using some low standard chargers. Always use a reputable charger. Also be careful to put your phone on a hard surface while charging. A smooth surface like bed or coach will retain the heat produced by charging.
  11. Separate your phone from other running electronic devices. Keeping two or more electronic devices together will increase the overheating.
  12. If you find your phone is already overheating take its case off and give some ventilation to your phone so that your phone will cool down by itself.
  13.  The last but not the least method is to avoid direct sunlight to your phone. If you are outside in a hot weather, cover your phone with a blanket or something similar to prevent it from overheating.

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