A spy app is an application that is installed on a phone without the owner’s consent. The app transfers data to a remote server which can be accessed by an unauthorised user. This application will be hidden from the application menu or disguised to prevent the owner from noticing and uninstalling it. There are many spying apps available and anyone can easily install them on other’s phones in order to monitor them.


The truth is that most people don’t have a clue how powerful modern spy apps are and how available and easy to use they are. A spy app can do many things including sending call logs, sending SMS logs, sending call recordings as MP3 files along with duration, time of call and location, sending location details, recording audio/video for a specified duration via GCM call. They can even take all pictures from the phone’s gallery, lock your mobile, change the pin/password of your mobile and wipe out mobile data (factory reset).


                   Most of all the spy apps are supported on Android devices. But one cannot download the app from Google Play Store as the apps are not available there. Android allows Direct downloading of an app from different sources other than Google Play. So it’s easy to install remote monitoring / Spy application directly on Android. The spier only needs your mobile for 10 Minutes and he is all set to track you forever remotely.

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If you think someone is spying on your mobile phone then you have to learn how to detect spyware and also how to get rid of it.PhoneSpector, Auto Forward, Highster Mobile are some of the most common spy apps for Android.

Here we are introducing some useful tips that can indicate that your phone is being tracked or spied on.

  1. If your battery is draining quickly without any specific reason, it could be spyware. If you are not playing a bunch of games on your phone or if your phone’s battery is not too old, then your battery draining quickly indicates that you are being tracked. If such a monitoring app is running in the background, it takes a longer time for your phone to get charged.
  2. If you heard some unusual noise or sounds during phone calls that may be indicating that somebody is listening to you. If the call quality has suddenly worsened (even if the connection remains good), this can also mean that your phone calls are being recorded.
  3. If your phone experience random reboots and shutdowns even after your phone’s software is updated, then your phone might be being tracked or spied on.
  4.  If you are hearing certain sounds when you are not using your phone, it could mean that your phone is being spied on.
  5. If you find any suspicious files or folders in the file manager, then it could be spyware software.
  6. Check if your phone takes a long time to shut down. Android devices usually shut down quickly. But if your phone is taking an unusually long time to shut down, there’s a chance your phone has spyware software installed.
  7. If your phone has suddenly become really slow for no obvious reasons at all, this can suggest that someone is monitoring and controlling your phone.

If you find any of the above-mentioned problems on your Android device and you think that you are being spied on, then find a way soon to prevent or get rid of the spyware. The very first method to prevent you from being tracked is that stop giving your phone to someone you don’t trust. Another thing you can do is installing an anti-spyware application on your device. It can help you get rid of the spy software that may have been installed on your device. 


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