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After finishing my diploma and joined b-tech through lateral entry i had an ambition like everybody. I was determined to get a job through the campus selection. Time passed very quick and i am studying my last year of b-tech. I was facing a problem which affected my aim. I got a supply for maths. Due to this problem, i couldn’t even get a chance to apply for aptitude test  to those companies those who came to my campus for campus selection. It was my dream to get a job and help my family as soon i get a job from companies like TCS or Wipro.

I was little down due to this fact, is a student’s talent is not valid if he got supply? I had this question in my mind all the time. Companies only recruit students based on their marks in their mark sheets. But there are so many students who are passionate about specific subject. There are so many students who are brilliant in software but won’t have mark in some other. This fact will put him/her to blacklist. During this time i was happened to hear about start-up. If i get a chance to start a company i have a idea about how to do the recruitment. So i started to search companies those look for talent not academics and started to work with my friends in their start up. During that time i heard about a MEC’s tech fest and they are doing a recruitment. I didn’t gave that news any importance due to the recruitments that i had been seen.

The very next day my friends were discussing about this matter. Then i came to know that company haven’t mentioned about supply. So i decided to give it a shot and also wanted to visit the tech fest. Me and my friend started our journey towards trikkakara MEC. It was an interesting ride and we manage to found the college. First thing was the registration because Judy miss will only give us attendance if we show the participation form, so we took extra care to get that. After that we have gone looking for the interview but then we came to understand that it was not an interview. It was actually a mentoring which was an awesome experience for me. Company’s name was full contact.

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Experience with full contact

There was two session technical and non-technical and i chose technical section. Before starting the session the CEO of full contact Mr. Joffin joseph talked to us about the company and he also mentioned about how they are planning to do the recruitment. It was similar to my thoughts, and i was impressed. I sense i was getting a positive energy flowing through my body. So i wanted to be little active, and the interactive session was very much helpful for me.After that i got an opportunity to talk to

After that i got an opportunity to talk to Joffin sir. He was very simple being the CEO of a company like Full contact. He was very friendly to the students, and was very motivating. I was able to share some of my ideas with him and he gave me some suggestions based on his experiences. After that he gave a shake hand, which gave me an extra boost to implement my ideas. I was thinking about that throughout my ride back home. First thing that i did after reaching my home was sending my resume to Full contact. I also searched how Profounders became Full contact. So i am sharing the things i was able to find about full contact which i hope that it will be a motivation to you people.

History of full contact

The history of profounding starts from the year 2006 at chengganur engineering college. It was the dream of four friends Arjun, Joffin, Anoop, Nithin to conquer the world. “If there is a will there is a way” may be this words were meant about these guys. These four friends were a consistent participants of techno fest with their innovative ideas. So they decide to start a startup in 2008 but was didn’t have any idea about startup. It was actually started as a side business which helped them to gain pocket money. First they were developing websites and also did web hosting, web application so and so. They continued this till 2010 when they got graduated. After graduation like every graduates they also wanted to earn their place in a reputed company and Arjun and joffin  got placed in infosys and anoop and nithin got placed in startup in Kochi and Hyderabad. These jobs were actually for getting experience which is first thing asked in any companies in Kerala. But it was not the life they wanted they want to make their mark in this world.

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It was in 2012 they decide to change the course of their life. They decide to resign and start their own company Profoundings. Like all starting company finance were the main problem for them. They were earning 30,000/- to 40,000/- per month when they were working. So all of them put 30000 each into the company and started company with a capital of 1,20,000/-. First it was disappointment; their products didn’t sell in the market as thought but like a phoenix bird they raised back. They got clients from US, Middle East, turkey and even got works from Vodafone. After growing a little they started to take salaries and they put balance amount to boost their products in the market. They developed a tool that can be used for financial analysis. Emotion was a software they developed for companies to know if anybody talks about them online. At last they got selected in Microsoft accelerator program. It was first time for a company in Kerala to get selection in Microsoft ventures. It changes their fate and company started to grow. They got invited to startups in Chile. In 2013 pro foundings happened to be one of the eight company that got selected into the silicon valley black box connects training in America. The knowledge and ideas which was helped them a lot and was implemented in their company. This confidence lead them to development of vibes which caught the eyes of the world. This invention was made for the marketing people, marketing agents need to know about the person who he is about meet and this will help them. Form this thought they started developing vibe. The software was designed to find about a person from anywhere in the world. In 2015 they appointed one employee and continued their job and now there are 72 engineers working hard for this company. On the way some of their product got fail but was not able to stop them.

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This confidence attracted lot of investors from Kerala  and working completely in Kerala gave them that advantage. The investors are gaining their profit without any delay which is motivation for young generation. These winning format is the reason that the company was adopted by Full contact which is an American company which made their dreams come true. The company will be rooted in Kerala itself and they are planning to offer job to about 2000 to 3000 talented young engineers. Profounder are the first company in Kerala who got adopted by an American company. The Merging of profounding and full contact will make this a company which is recognised in the world.

The four friends was from middle class family who were born to grow sky high. Their parents will be proud of them because they got reward for their hard work through their sons.


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  1. Nice writing style.the story will be inspiring .wish you a successful new year.”The four friends was from middle class family who were born to grow sky high. Their parents will be proud of them because they got reward for their hard work through their sons.”This will be my favourite sentence in this article.

  2. Adharsh K Prasannan

    Nice inspirational story. I believe there are so many talented people are out there who may not be academically qualified. There wont be any ome to support them and will get regected everywhere. The story of full contact proves that if there is anything you are good at you should go for it with your full heart. Thanks for this inspirational story.

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