The ExtraTorrent is back with its new Domain


ExtraTorrent made its come back with all the data that it had in its older versions and the fans of this website are the reason behind this comeback. The ExtraTorrent displayed a message which was written: “The ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently”. ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes online. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent website and clones. This was the end of the piracy giant. is the new domain name which was created by the admins and uploaders of the old website. They claim that they have successfully brought back it from dead with all the content including Pirate Bay and KickASS torrents. They are still working on some improvements but the page is active and can look for your favorite videos.

Even if it is almost the same and this website is against piracy laws. It is also not reliable like the old page and this is the work of some people who had done this as the protest against the shutdown of their website.

Piracy is a crime we would not recommend this kind of website. To promote film industry we should watch the movies in the theater that’s the correct way. Every movie that is happening is the result of blood and sweat of so many people we should respect that. So watch movies in the theater and encourage people with talent and let our film industry grow more.