Top Five Video Conference Call Apps for Free

In the era of apps in smartphones calling and chatting and chatting app turned into video calls. This facility had changed into so many uses. The people who work in abroad got a chance to see their family and talk about happiness. Skype was the first app that genuinely made this facility possible. This video chatting app-enhanced to business areas and made possible to do the conference with people in another country and do business deals. The next step happened in that was the video conference. The conference that was done inside a room was changed into small screens. This helped people to join in the conference from anywhere in the world.
There are so many apps available on the internet to do video conferencing. The first method was one person call another person during this call another person can join the call and when the first person drops the call the whole conference will end. But now everything id changed and with advanced techs and gadgets anyone can start a conference and so many of them can join the conference and it will stay there until the last person leaves the conference.


These are some of the apps

Skype: Microsoft developed this software with specifically for video chatting purposes. This software was the first of that software that enabled free video calling. It also supported audio calling with multiple persons. 25 people could do the conference in skype at the same time. It was an amazing feature when skype was launched. It is very easy to do the conference in skype, the only thing needs to click the + button the screen and select voice call, after that you can select the contacts from the list you want to add and hit the call button.

Hangouts: every smartphone will have hangouts in it. The main reason is that it is an app of google which gets preloaded into every smartphone that run n android operating system. Although google’s latest app Duo is on the net there so many users depend on hangouts. Maybe due to the fact that google doesn’t have enough interest on hangouts it allows only 10members to have the conference at the same time. It’s very easy to make a conference using hangouts. You will have to start a conversation and select the list of people you want to call and click the call button the video conferencing will start.

Facebook messenger: facebook messenger allows all facebook users to have a private chat platform. The messenger had done its part during the competition with WhatsApp that time. Now facebook owns WhatsApp and this lead the messenger to grown up to the standards of WhatsApp. The facebook messenger is similar to another app, you have to do is make a call and click on the start group calling button and tick on the contacts that you want to add on the conference that you are about to start and click the call button.

Hike: hike is Indian app who knows the pulse of Indian people. The main advantage of a hike was its stickers which help its users to express their emotions through stickers. Unlike smileys, stickers have an attractive material in it. the desi app managed to add 100people to make a conference call at the time. The call making is very simple like mentioned in facebook messenger.

• We chat and line: these two apps have the same facility mentioned in the above app. Line first introduced as an app that helps the users to record an audio and send it to a destination and receives the same. By the time changed this two app managed to introduce video calling app.

• Whatsapp Messanger

Whatsapp was recently managed to provide its users with video calling facility. The app being very famous among chat lovers which allowed them to share photos, videos, audios etc. After facebook took over WhatsApp there were so many changes had happened in WhatsApp. One of the main thing that was happened was introduction of voice calling among WhatsApp users and now this technology managed to open the door to video calling. But WhatsApp only allows user to call only one person at a time.

So start your conference online now.


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