Troll Maker Applications – Troll Videos, Troll images

Troll Maker Applications – Troll Videos, Troll images

What is Troll? we can say it is a form of an art. When we open social media we can see many Troll videos and images. Trolls are making fun. But Every troll has a subject behind on it. Maybe it discussing social issues, sometimes politics, or just for entertainment. Now in social media platforms, trolls are acts like weapons. Create or edit a video or image is a very difficult process in past. But nowadays lots of people create video/image trolls with the help of the mobile application. Here I’m also sharing some troll maker application that helps you to edit/ create video trolls or image trolls.


MadLips is one of a troll maker app available for Android users developed by Eigenuity Inc. Currently it available on Google Play Store. It listed under Entertainment category of apps on Play Store. With the help of MadLips, you can create troll videos. For example, you can take a funny video clip from a movie and remove its audio sequences and add your own voice or other comic voice contents to make a funny troll video. MadLipz lets you make instant voiceover copies and it allows you to share on social media platforms.

MadLips Android App

Currently, MadLips has over 10 millions users worldwide. The app size is just 12MB. It requires Android 5.1 and up versions. MadLips app has a paid version also. The app content rated age 16+. It last updated on April 18, 2018.

Not only for Android. MadLips app available for iPhone users as well.

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If you want to show your create your own troll video, the MadLips app will help you. You can easy to create very quality videos using MadLips and share with your friends and family. We all know that videos can convey a message easily more than text or image contents. So if you want to convey a message to the public you can use it.

MadLips iOS APP

Malayalam Image Editor – Troll

Malayalam Image Editor – Troll is an Android app helps you to make Malayalam or English troll images. App has a sufficient database containing over 3000 movie scenes. This app developed by Team Four Big Brothers. Currently available on Google Play Store, listed under productivity category of apps on Play Store.

Malayalam Image Editor – Troll App from Google Play Store

Some of the features of this app mentioned on Google Play Store listed below.

  • Pick Images from your Album to Generate Trolls and Greetings
  • Comes with 3000 Film scene
  • 5 Greetings Templates
  • Add Texts with 10 Malayalam and 10 English Fonts
  • 200+ Downloadable Malayalam And English Fonts
  • A huge selection of Stickers, Memes, Clip arts, Frames
  • Can draw your own pencil sketch
  • Easy share in WhatsApp, FaceBook, email, and other installed apps

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